2021 Marvel’s Avengers Review and PlayStation 5 Impressions

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Marvel’s Avengers news comments often include messages such as “Is anyone else playing this?” “Game is dead,” and so on. Indeed, judging by the statistics on Steam, the project is going through hard times, but the developers continue to support it as if it has a large fan base.

I said that Marvel’s Avengers’ future as a service game looks rather hazy in my first post-release review. My worst fears were confirmed – in this regard, the game was a real failure, which even the developers themselves admitted. The thing is that the endgame content in it is rather boring, and you don’t really want to continue pumping characters, performing the same tasks. Nevertheless, I have not changed my opinion about the campaign: I still like the plot, and recently, I upgraded it to PlayStation 5. In this review, I will tell you how the game feels now and share my impressions of the new generation of consoles.

The Avengers Now

So, as stated above, in terms of game-service, Marvel’s Avengers has failed. While not so low, thanks to an extensive marketing campaign, sales fell short of Crystal Dynamics’ expectations. New content continues to appear, but its development speed has noticeably slowed down. The first and second story updates were supposed to be released in October and November, respectively. Still, the second we received only now, in March, and the next one is generally expected sometime in the summer. It is noticeable that this game has faded into the developers’ background, and a tiny team is engaged in it.

On release, things were not so bad with the search for players – after all, online on Steam reached 30 thousand people, and people were going through the campaign. Therefore, then I had no problems with finding allies for the cooperative. Now the situation has become much worse and finding someone in the team is still a task. However, in fairness, this does not mean that online is empty. The game still has its own small fanbase, so if you start matchmaking, after a while, you will be able to find players, especially when choosing a random mission.

Together with the update, the developers have significantly reduced the pumping speed. They explained this change with the desire to make each hero’s development more interesting, but the decision, in fact, is very controversial. Previously, it was possible to walk only through the plot and at the same time open several combo moves for each hero. Now, too, no one forces you to grind for passing, since the speed of increasing the power indicator has not changed, but by the end of the campaign, you will spend a little fewer skill points, which will slightly hit the variety of the combat system.

Based on all of the above, only one conclusion can be drawn: Marvel’s Avengers is a game-service that is practically dead in terms of the number of users, and it is definitely not worth buying it just for the sake of end-game content. The main thing that can now lure into the game is the plot content. The two new Operations are pretty good and in the original campaign’s spirit, and they are free to complete.

PlayStation 5 version

Marvel’s Avengers runs on PlayStation 5 in two modes:

  • Performance mode – 4K (checkerboard rendering), 60 FPS.
  • Graphics mode – 4K (native), 30 FPS, improved graphics.

Of course, you can find many comparisons on the Internet between these two modes and the previous-generation version. They will explain in detail where the bush looks better and where the FPS dropped by one. If we consider the situation from a simple gamer’s perspective, the picture does not differ dramatically. The graphics look pretty much the same, but the difference in frame rates is very strong. Marvel’s Avengers is still not a calm adventure game but a dynamic action game, so it seems that it is not even worth considering the option with 30 FPS.

This is my third review of a PlayStation 5 game, but I still admire the power of the SSD. The developers managed to reduce long minute downloads to some ridiculous 5 seconds. Moreover, even the PS4 version, which works on PS5 through backward compatibility, took a very long time to load. The version optimized for the new generation allows you to start missions quickly. The game was also installed on an SSD on my PC, but the downloads were still noticeably longer.

I would also like to praise the creators for the excellent adaptation of Dualsence capabilities for Marvel’s Avengers. It is not perfect, but much better than the developers of many other games, which most often limit themselves to just the right trigger resistance. The speaker in the gamepad does not emit additional sounds for the best immersion, but tactile feedback when running changes depending on where you are. For example, if you are running in the snow, you will feel a soft response, but you may feel a slight bumping on a metal surface. With the resistance of the hammers, the developers also tried their best. It works differently for each character, and it’s not just about making you tighten your index finger harder. For example, after a targeted ranged attack with the right trigger, you may feel momentary resistance from the left trigger. The effect is especially noticeable when shooting from a bow.


Since Marvel’s Avengers release, the developers have released two major free updates with new characters and a storyline continuation. Kate Bishop and Hawkeye have joined the Avengers ranks, with Black Panther and Spider-Man due in the future, exclusively on PS4 / PS5. Support is still there, albeit not very fast. You can enter the game from patch to patch to play for new heroes and complete new tasks. However, time has shown that as a service game, it failed, so it will be tough, if not impossible, to get it out of the grave. Regarding the port for the PlayStation 5, it turned out to be excellent – it works smartly and uses many of the gamepad features.

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