21-year-old MMORPG RuneScape gets a graphical update

The creators of RuneScape have released an update for the MMORPG, including a complete graphical overhaul of the city of Gielinor and visual improvements.

However, it was not without errors: the “new” Gielinor is notable for non-working doors, the ability to pass through walls in some places and the lack of a tree-destroying function. However, first of all, the lack of a hatch to the thieves guild gets on the nerves of many. As a result, quests can no longer be completed. Some fans also joke about this, saying that thieves stole the door of the Thieves Guild.

Otherwise, the patch was received positively, especially visual changes in the form of improved lighting, sky, known textures and environmental elements.

The developers also said that they have not finished it yet. Further, smaller updates will be designed to gradually adapt the game to today’s standards.

Comparison before and after

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