A colorful MMORPG with sandbox elements BitCraft announced

Polish indie studio Clockwork Labs has announced a new social sandbox MMORPG called BitCraft. The game will be cross-platform and will be released primarily on the PC. The list of other platforms has not yet been confirmed.

BitCraft stands out for its colorful cartoon graphics, which you can appreciate in the first trailer. In this game, users will have the opportunity to create their own story alone or team up with friends to build a new civilization in a single changing area. The gameplay focuses on building, hunting, crafting, farming, trading, and exploration.

The developers promise that each player will decide for himself what to do next. It will also be possible to become a farmer, adventurer, city builder, merchant, or simply blaze your own path in BitCraft.

“BitCraft is a social sandbox MMO set in a huge and fully editable procedural-generated location that sits in a unified world, providing players with an unprecedented level of creativity and depth,” said Tyler Cloutier, co-founder of Clockwork. Labs. “This game focuses on cooperating without fighting in an ever-expanding world, which is the core value of our gaming spirit at Clockwork Labs.”

“This is a really ambitious MMO that focuses on letting play the way you want it rather than trying to keep players through content,” added Alessandro Asoni, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “You can create a cozy village, run your own sophisticated farm, or become part of a much larger empire of connected cities. The right to what this world will be like is really in the hands of our players. “

Soon, BitCraft developers are going to launch the first pre-alpha test on PC, but there is no exact time yet. On the official website of the project, you can apply to get the opportunity to participate.

BitCraft - Official Announcement Trailer 4K

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