a magician without equipment alone mastered one of the most difficult dungeons

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Winding Corridors is the hardest dungeon in World of Warcraft, in Torghast. It can be mastered by a group of several people with a good level of equipment. However, as practice shows, sometimes one almost naked magician troll may be enough.

In the video below, a character with item level 0 single-handedly went to conquer the Winding Corridors on difficulty 8. This is the highest possible difficulty in this part of Torgaste, but nevertheless, the player manages to complete all 18 floors of the instance.

As it turned out, it’s all about luck and class choice. A magician in the specialization of fire is currently very strong alone, and thanks to the necessary modifier that drops out in Torgast, you can make it more powerful hundreds, or even thousands of times. Also, the lack of equipment played a role: scaling was applied.

The troll’s “feat” was also discussed on wowhead. Many people report that they cannot even go through the 5th floor of the tower alone with equipment level 210 and above.

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