A new PvE mission “In Search of the Lost Shuttle” has appeared in the space action Star Conflict

Update 1.11.4 has been released for the multiplayer space action game Star Conflict, adding a new PvE mission called “In Search of the Lost Shuttle”. According to the plot, a shuttle with an artifact was lost in the imperial dump. Players need to find it and scan it, and then send the information to the Ancestral Legacy and earn a reward. The junkyard is patrolled by imperial mercenaries, so don’t give away your presence.

In addition to the main rewards given out for completing a PvE mission, the best players will also be able to earn additional valuable prizes for participating in a special marathon. Various cosmetic and consumable items are given for reaching the first 12 places, from 13 to 24 places and from 25 to 40 places.

The update also launched the Awakening event, which is divided into two stages. Each of them offers 40 levels of rewards, and among them there are both free and available for pass holders. The event will last for three months.

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