A theme that will give your Xiaomi a more colorful and fun look

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We know that many users enjoy customizing their Xiaomi. That is why today we present you the most attractive theme, which besides being one of the most downloaded, is able to fill your smartphone’s MIUI interface with color and joy.

We are talking about Whiter Colourfull V11… This is a pretty distinctive theme that stands out from other themes for the colorfulness of its icons and the ability to add certain custom widgets that you can place on your desktop or add to your lock screen.

By itself, this the theme gives the screen a fresh and vibrant colorand all this thanks to the inclusion of blues, purples and greens in the palette with a gradient effect. Likewise, it includes several wallpaper options that fit perfectly into the overall design concept.

Moreover, this theme adds new elements to your Xiaomi lock screen. Thanks to them, you can always quickly find the latest information about what is important to you – for example, wind speed or distance traveled and the number of steps. You create a new panel with labels yourself, selecting elements for it at your discretion.

To apply this theme on your Xiaomi you just need find “Whiter Colorful V11” in the Themes app… In our case, there was no need to change the region, but if you receive an error message, you can try changing it to, for example, “India”.

Also, don’t forget that you can use the icons of this theme in combination with the interface of another one that you like best. In the Themes app, you can customize each section of the MIUI interface individually.

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