A trial run of the Light and Night dating simulator took place, where can I download it?

There are many subgenres in anime, and this also applies to video games in a similar style. After the popularity of Genshin Impact, gamers learned about the word “waifu”, which is explained by the prevailing number of “mi-mi-mi” girls. But even miHoYo knows that it still needs to attract a female audience. And this is done with the help of “otome games” like Tears of Themis; the main goal of such creations is the development of the heroine’s romantic relationship with brutal, vulnerable and “not like everyone else” boys. Devolver Digital has made a long time ago a parody of similar games, Hatoful Boyfriend (the project has not yet been removed from the App Store and Google Play, so there is still a chance to find love among pigeons).

So, in the Celestial Empire they released Light and Night. This is another visual novel, where we buy stylish clothes for our heroine and “fuck up” with different boys.The developers note that they have worked out the character and storyline of each of them. By the way, the publication is being handled by Tencent Mobile.

Light and Night is already available in China on iOS and Android. You can download it through TapTap… You will need a QQ or WeChat account to login. There is no global release information.

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