Age of Empires 1 download torrent For PC

Age of Empires 1 download torrent

Edition type: Repack. Size: 0.601 GB | Seeds: 436 Lychees: 39

Download Age of Empires 1 torrent and play one of the most interesting and high-quality real-time strategy games. Try to install it right now and be sure it will immerse you and captivate you for a long time. Although the story is really interesting and fascinating. Try to go through all the suggested eras, from the earliest development to the Iron Age. The first century will be stone. You are invited to play for 4 campaigns and 16 civilizations. All of them have their own architectural properties and differences.

Game process

The gameplay of the famous game, which literally started the launch of an exciting series of games called Age of Empires 1, is very wonderful and of high quality. Needless to say, if this strategy is still being played, despite all its flaws. And they are, but only because the game was released in 1997. Therefore, of course, the graphics are lame, although at one time it was considered one of the most attractive in the gaming industry market. The strategy got to the Russian localization only in 2005. Try to create your own successful civilization and lead it through all the vital eras, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Capture mines and start extracting gold and stone, and send your peasants to explore in-game territories. Let them cut down the forest and get you wood. She is needed here like air. However, like all other resources. There is still food and gold. Without food, you won’t be able to support soldiers and peasants, and gold allows you to upgrade buildings and upgrade them. Also, a certain amount of gold costs the transition to the next era. So save it up and don’t waste too much. The new era is quite expensive. Yes, and you will not be able to quickly move to a higher level. Because a lot needs to be done to achieve this. Therefore, the game tightens and does not let go until you overcome at least the first bar of the transition. And then – everything will go like clockwork. Create a huge army and go on the offensive against the enemy. Destroy it to smithereens, capturing territories and breaking the enemy’s castle.

Features Age of Empires 1

  • good gameplay;
  • quality battles;
  • setting up a battle;
  • a huge number of troops;
  • various eras;
  • graphics from 1997.

Download the Age of Empires 1 torrent and start playing the game immediately, discovering a very amazing gameplay and great storytelling.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium 90 MHz
  • RAM: 24 MB
  • Video card: 2 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 8.1 compatible sound device
  • Free hard disk space: 290 MB


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