Albion Online has been released on iOS and Android: a long wait and what is the bottom line?

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The release of Albion Online on smartphones is a long-awaited event for both fans and haters. We left our opinion from the mobile test here. The developers say that it is now that they have achieved their long-standing goal of making Albion truly cross-platform. Of the advantages, gamers single out the character leveling, namely: a large branch of talents, as well as the rarity levels of weapons and armor. And although the game has a classless system, equipment can be divided into three classes: warrior, mage and archer. You can combine them and create your own synergy. The locations are varied, at the head of the table is PvP – there you can get or lose all the loot.

Of the minuses, a grind is distinguished in order to pump your character in a specific area. Everything in the game is measured in numbers: skills swing up to 100 points, the highest armor level is T8. Rare resources cannot be mined if you do not have the same rare tool. In general, a house can be bought only after purchasing a premium.

Albion Online is available on iOS, Android and PC. This is a shareware project with microtransactions.

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