Another key employee left Google Stadia, what will happen to the cloud service?

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An Nvidia spokesman said last week that the company does not want to repeat the fate of Google Stadia. When the cloud service was just announced, gamers were promised a lot. But since the launch, Stadia has not appeared on the territory of the CIS, and the only plus of the platform is the ability to play Cyberpunk 2077 without spending money on a new video card or console. At some point, the castle in the air began to collapse; it all started with the departure from Google of Jade Raymond (she is at the origins of Assassin’s Creed). Then Google closes its internal game studio and says it will give the console to other publishers to get used to the cloud.

Now another key employee, John Justice, has left Google Stadia. He was Vice President and Head of Product Division at Stadia. In its PR response, Google confirmed the news and wished him well in his new position.

But how successful will the future of the cloud service be, which has not been able to take off after so many years? While Microsoft is developing its xCloud platform and is just picking up steam, Google has probably already given up on Stadia. Maybe you should create your own cryptocurrency?

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