Anthem – Game Modes: Missions, Fortifications, Free Play

In Anthem, we do a variety of activities, from those that are directly related to the story, to side quests, to free exploration of the world. Here we have described each game mode. Some of the expeditions can be completed solo, while others require players to participate.

In Anthem, we have three types of game modes (expeditions) to choose from:

  • Missions.
  • Fortifications.
  • Free play.


There are three types of missions:

  • Main missions (1) – tasks that advance the main storyline and are related to the most important events in the game.
  • Agent tasks (2) are side missions that you don’t have to complete to complete the game. But it’s worth doing them, because thanks to them we will get additional experience points, get to know characters from the world and delve into history. Often such tasks are entrusted to us by Yarrow, Matthias and Brin.
  • Agency contracts (3) are the second type of side missions. Like the agent tasks, they are not required to complete the story, but by completing them we will help the people of Fort Tarsis and gain additional rewards and experience.

To get a new job, talk to the characters in Fort Tarsis. We will quickly find them on the map by the icon (1-3) . In the image below, we have marked the main mission symbol as an example.

Missions can be completed alone, with a group of friends or other players from all over the world.


The plot follows the path. At the end of each fortification, a final battle is expected (usually with a boss). This type of mission is rewarded with rare loot, which is much more common in this mode.

During the game, we will not be able to regenerate ourselves. We must count on partners.

Fortifications (4) are marked with a purple icon on the map when choosing an expedition. This type of challenge can be completed in a group of four friends or with other players. You will not be able to play Fortifications alone or with only one or two companions – there must always be four players.

To start fortifying, go to the expedition selection and then select this game mode on the screen.

Free play

Having moved to one of the places on the world map, we will pass it at will. We have all the terrain available in the game. We can perform smaller activities (so-called events), collect materials and raw materials for crafting, or simply fly and destroy groups of enemies that we meet on our way.

Moreover, the free game is a great opportunity to get to know the area and find secrets.


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