Arcade simulator of suffering Duck Souls ported to iOS and Android

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Dedicated to all Dark Souls fans – the publisher Crescent Moon Games has ported the arcade project Duck Souls to smartphones. It features pixel art and hardcore levels filled with traps, missiles, lasers, and of course, spikes. In total, the game has 100 levels made by hand and “with love”. There are 20 types of traps, the same number of hats for the main duckling. To pass the levels, rolls, dashes, jumps and wall climbing are used.

Those who play will notice that the project is similar in mechanics to Celeste. As the player progresses, the player’s techniques do not change, but for that new traps and colors appear. They are not combined in any way, so the levels can be conventionally divided into chapters. Overall, this is a good platformer that can be completed in 20 minutes. By the way, the plot is as follows: you need to find the lost eggs in order to save your family.

Duck Souls is already available on iOS, Android and other major platforms. This is a premium project, the lowest discounted price on Steam. There is no Russian localization (according to the App Store).

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