Arena 3×3, Valkyrie Legend, Bow Weapon, Balance Changes

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More details about the upcoming Apex Legends update are revealed every day. In addition to the new Legacy season, 3×3 arenas and the Valkyrie legend, weakening and strengthening of existing characters will be carried out, new modifiers have been added, some old ones have been removed, and much more. But now let’s talk about everything in order.

Arenas 3×3

As previously known, the new update will bring the arenas that many Apex Legends players have been waiting for. Arenas are a new game mode where players will have to fight 3v3. A truly welcome innovation, as it will allow you to hone your shooting and legend management skills without too much running and looting. The experience gained can then be used directly in the “Battle Royale” mode.


At the moment, we know of five cards. The two cards “Sudden Party” and “Phase Change” were made specifically for the “Arena” mode. The other three are areas from the well-known battle royale zones: “Artillery” from Kings Canyon, “Golden Gardens” from Olympus and “Heating Plant” from the “World’s End” map.

Cards “Sudden Party” and “Phase Change”.

Two special maps will be on the roster permanently, and one of the three Battle Royale areas listed above will change every two weeks. In total, we get three different zones that will be used in this mode.


Skills, weapons and upgrades must be purchased before the start of each round. The purchase is carried out at the expense of materials that you may have seen earlier in the “Royal Battle” for creating items using the replicator. Immediately, materials are a kind of currency that can be obtained at the end of each round, as well as for killing opponents and picking up from containers.

Each round, the player will have to buy a new weapon, since the existing one will not be transferred to a new round. Body kits are not purchased separately, but as improvements. For example, you can upgrade weapons to blue and higher quality, along with this, the corresponding attachments will be installed automatically. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to change the scope to whatever you are interested in – from purple to regular white and so on.

The abilities will be realized in a limited number for each round, but the player will be able to purchase additional charges before the start of the battle. However, charges that are not consumed will carry over to the next round.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game are designed to keep the skating rink as competitive as possible until the very end of the battle. To completely defeat the enemy, you will need to be at least two points ahead of him. If the score, for example, is 3: 2, then another additional round is given for which you either win or a draw is assigned. But further it is more interesting.

If the result is a draw, then additional rounds are used. One of the teams must try to take two more rounds in order to win. But if it turned out that both teams won one extra point, then on round 9 a mode called “Sudden Death” is activated, taking which one of the teams wins.

New Legend “Valkyrie”

Each season, a new legend is added to the game, and as you understand, this time there will be no exceptions. Along with the Legacy update, the Valkyrie legend will be introduced, which belongs to the exploration class like Bloodhound, Crypto and Pathfinder.

Valkyrie’s skills promise to be very useful both for themselves and for the whole team. Let’s consider in more detail:

  • The passive skill makes it possible to soar in the air with the help of a jetpack, while in flight it marks opponents in sight.
  • Tactical skill. The Valkyrie fires rockets that deal minor area damage. But most importantly, enemies will be slowed down when taking damage.
  • The ultimate ability makes it possible to fly to great heights with the whole group. It is worth noting that the take-off height remains unchanged and has no restrictions if you use it from a hill. I believe that this skill can be used both as an evacuation from a bad position, and for a quick attack on the enemy.

It really sounds very useful and even to some extent imbo. But how it will be played in fact, we will see after the update is released.

New weapons and modifications

Bow “Bocek”

Many players have been waiting for bows in Apex Legends for a long time and it finally happened. The Bocek bow will also be introduced with the update. The new weapon will do about 125 damage to the head and 70 to the body at full draw. Also, two modifications are available for it, which we will talk about a little later.

I can’t wait to try it out and find out how far the arrows fly without losing height and at what speed they reach the target. Most likely, the bow will not be easy to use and will require training to play well with it.


Two modifications will be removed from the game – the skull-breaking and the thresher. It would seem that by removing the second mod, Mozambique will again cease to be even a fan weapon, but judging by the trailer, it will increase the number of rounds to six.

New modifications:

  • Shatter Caps – Available for the 30-30 Charging Rifle and the new Bocek Bow. This mod adds an additional shooting mode that turns your weapon into a mini-shotgun. Whether he will be using Shotgun Ammo or simply wasting basic rounds remains to be seen.
  • Deadeye’s Tempo – It is known that this mod accelerates the rate of fire, but how exactly this will be implemented is not yet clear. This mod is suitable for the “Guardian” weapon and the “Bocek” bow. I would like to know the cons of this mod, because its property sounds too good.

Improvements and Weakening of Legends

The new season will also affect some of the existing legends. According to preliminary data, this list includes: Octane, Loba, Lifeline, Fuz.

  • Octane loses more HP when using his tactical ability. The exact numbers are not yet known, however, this information may already affect how playable this character will be.
  • Loba will receive both a buff and a nerf. The tactical skill will no longer slow down the movement of the legend while the bracelet is in the air and after landing. But a nice buff is leveled by the nerf of the ult. Loba magazine reload will now increase by as much as 30 seconds. This nerf looks a little strange, since this legend is not often used even in public, let alone esports competitions.
  • Lifeline. When resuscitating a teammate, a shield will no longer appear, behind which it was possible to hide the wounded and hide by ourselves. Ulta also received a good buff in the form of improved items in the drop, as well as a reduction in the recharge time of the ult to 5 minutes.
  • Fuse. Fuse’s tactical ability will have two charges, and the ability’s cooldown will decrease from 25 seconds to 18 seconds. Such a buff can give a legend a good advantage right after disembarkation.

Other interesting innovations and nerfs

Despite the fact that the “thresher” mod has been removed, Mozambique may remain a fan weapon for the public. The shotgun pistol will now hold 6 rounds instead of four.

Watson, Rafe and Lifeline used to receive 5% more damage. This was done because the hitboxes of these legends are slightly smaller than those of others. With the release of the Legacy update, this debuff will be removed and the above characters will receive the same amount of damage as other Legends.

The changes will also affect the “Olympus” map, which has been enveloped by a new virus causing abundant growth of various plants. With new art from the developers, Olympus is becoming more and more like a jungle.


Summing up, we can only say that the season promises to be almost the most interesting of all time, if not the most interesting. An abundance of innovations, a useful legend and long-awaited arenas. Information about skins and the battle pass was intentionally missed. We will talk about this and much more after the release of the new season. And we just have to wait for the release and follow the news.

The new Legacy season update will release on May 4th, 2021.

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