Arktika.1 download torrent For PC

Arktika1 download torrent For PC Arktika.1 download torrent For PC

Arktika.1 download torrent

Size: 21.67GB | Seeds: 544 Lychees: 46

Arktika.1 download torrent Russian voice acting of a wonderful action-shooter arcade game and start going through the game right now. This is a bright and dynamic adventure game with excellent storytelling and a cool action-packed line. Needless to say, if this game was developed by the same programmers who were involved in the creation of the Metro series. Therefore, hurry up to install this shooter and start playing it, taking on quests and exciting missions alone.

Game process

Arktika.1 was created exclusively for Oculus Touch. The game describes the events of the future, when global warming has come and the whole world is literally frozen. Our planet was covered with ice and a long winter began, which has been lasting for 100 years. Humanity has practically died out, but some segments of the population still survived and now they have to survive. You are one of those people. So try to find your place under the sun, just be careful – in this world there is no concept of humanity and justice. Everything here has died out a long time ago and now it’s every man for himself. So you will have to come to terms with it and acclimatize as quickly as possible. Explore a fictional world and find the necessary resources for further life. You will play in the vastness of the Russian Federation. More precisely, the former Russia, because the whole world is no longer divided into countries and states. Now everyone is in the same boat, in the same team, and they have to survive. The game contains a bunch of cutscenes and captivating videos, and the innovative and modern VR headset allows you to feel in the game and immerse yourself in it completely. Cling to the last threads of life, only to survive. You will meet on your way a bunch of marauders and scammers who want to enslave you. Creepy ice creatures have also risen from the realm of the dead and are ready to tear to pieces any person living here. Fight to the end and give humanity a new chance. You have a great opportunity to continue the human race and become a true leader of the pack. To get started, download the Arktika.1 torrent with Russian voice acting and start wandering around the boundless Russia, which, like the rest of the world, was gripped by terrible cold and frost.

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Features Arktika.1

  • interesting story;
  • fantasy future;
  • expanses of Russia;
  • captivating story;
  • cool gameplay;
  • a bunch of characters
  • many weapons;
  • development of the main character;
  • pleasant atmosphere;
  • use of VR technology.

Download the torrent Arktika.1 Russian voice acting and you will be happy.

System requirements

  • Processor: CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater


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