Artery Gear: Fusion CBT on Android has started, we tell you how to download and how long the test lasts

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Guys from Access studio! make an RPG called Artery Gear: Fusion. Since the topic is Asian, we will see an influx of cute waifu in the world of robots. The battles are turn-based, but automatic. Each character has their own unique abilities. The developers are talking about some kind of “new lighting technology”; it should give the local chan a self-glow, as well as raise the bar for visual effects.

The beta test will run from April 8 to April 15. After it ends, all progress will be reset. Gamers say that the graphics are cool, but the project does not differ in gameplay from other similar games. The character models are made in the chibi style.

How to download and run Artery Gear: Fusion?

  • Go to TapTap
  • Login or register
  • Downloading a test build
  • We register on the Chinese website Bilibili
  • We go in and select the guest entrance (游客 登录)

Artery Gear: Fusion is coming to iOS and Android. A test version is available for the second platform. There is no information about the global version. Definitely a shareware project with all that it implies.

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