Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Tips

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STEP 1: two combat methods

At the very beginning of the game, we do nothing but participate in the social life of Ezio Auditore, a young nobleman from Florence. We live his life, do part-time jobs (mostly courier), communicate with his parents, sleep with his girlfriend and hang out with friends.

Then the fun begins when Father Ezio is arrested on charges of treason against the Republic. The local gonfalonier turns out to be an agent of an ancient order that wants to enslave humanity, and the branches of this conspiracy lead to the Vatican to the Pope himself.

Ezio suddenly loses everything. Lose and gain at the same time. He manages to save part of his family and go to Uncle Mario, the ruler of Monteriggioni. Uncle turns out to be a representative of another organization calling itself the Order of Assassins. These people dedicate their entire lives to the fierce struggle against the most ancient evil that has existed, apparently, for hundreds of thousands of years.

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The Assassins Creed series is all about stealth action. It is necessary to hide everywhere and everywhere, simultaneously deal with the guards on the roofs, prevent the proper level of danger in the city, and even constantly tear off booklets with your own portrait.

Moreover, it often happens that silent killings simply do not work, especially if there are a lot of guards around. It works great on rooftops, but not on city streets. There is always an option to smear the enemy bastard on the walls in a good fight. The general gaming system will allow you to do this.

To do this, you will need to purchase medicines from a local doctor. You can always find a doctor with a branded anti-plague suit. It’s not clear, though, why he needs such equipment if there are no epidemics around ?!

Find this strange comrade with a bird mask and buy medicines from him. Then find a blacksmith and put on a strong armor. At the same time, do not forget about good swords, axes and clubs. You can use all this after completing the storyline in Monteriggioni.

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Of course, you can use the traditional stealth kill system, but if you still want to feel like in God of War, then you will be able to do this if you get the strongest armor, fill the entire bag with medicines, and take a reliable steel blade in your hands.

Just don’t use these methods on missions where silent kills are the main goal, otherwise you’ll get desynced. But during the city adventures, do not miss the chance to try yourself in the “hack-n-slash” mode. Approach the nearest guard and slam the blade into his back with all your might. Make it visible to the rest of the guards, including the locals.

When enemies come running from all sides, do not be afraid that you will be slaughtered. If you take enough care of medicines and armor, you can even defeat a hundred soldiers. Fortunately, the opponents here are very stupid and attack mostly one by one. Even heavy knights with impressive axes are not able to become an obstacle for you.

It is especially good to fight near water bodies. If there is a river or a pond nearby, then consider that you have already won. When you push enemies into the water, they immediately die. After all, heavy armor is not very good when you drown. Try to take less damage in melee. They hit – they ran away, they hit – they ran away, and so on. Don’t forget to put up defense and repel enemy attacks. Land attacks straight to the chest and pierce opponents through. Push them away from you, knock them down and deliver blows after blows.

STEP 2: challenging missions

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There are plenty of difficult missions in Assassins Creed II, but the most difficult of them is the search for the Hidden Tombs. This is not about monsters and not about the abundance of traps, but about the camera, which loves to freeze at the most unnecessary moment. The tomb of Monteriggioni made many sweat.

It is almost impossible to fight with the camera. If you want to pass without any problems, download Camera Mod or Total Overhaul from the Internet. Only for this you must have a strictly licensed version of Assassins Creed II. These mods allow the camera to listen to the player and not freeze during jumps from ledge to ledge.

But if in the Tombs everything depends on the buggy camera, then in other cases it depends on your skill. The most difficult tasks are those where you need to silently kill the enemy and avoid detection. However, the wagon race is also not too happy for beginners.

In between city missions, you’ll have to help Leonardo hide from the Borgia’s collaborators. To do this, you will need to carefully manage the wagon and prevent it from falling. Enemies will attack from everywhere, including from behind. The chariot is very fragile, and you will have to try to save it. Get ready for a lot of tries. Try to throw enemies off the carriage roof with sharp left and right turns. At the same time, manage not to take damage from thrown torches. Don’t let Leonardo die. Also, don’t forget about constant speed. Delay will lead you to a fatal outcome.

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While infiltrating Altair’s dream, you will encounter difficulty in getting into the main tower. To do this, you will just need to jump onto the wall, push off and immediately rush to the left, clinging to the ledge. In addition to chariot races and a mysterious dream, difficulties await you in the main Venetian mission. There you have to deal with the Doge of Venice, Marco Barbarigo, a prominent representative of the Knights Templar.

At first, everything goes quite well. You hide in the crowd under a carnival mask and carefully move towards the ship on which the malicious old man is addressing his fellow citizens. The day before, Leonardo Da Vinci has already handed you a pistol. But only before putting a bullet to the accomplice of the sectarians, you need to remain incognito for more than a minute. Guardians will be prowling almost everywhere.

It will be difficult to survive during this mission. Guardsmen appear everywhere and search everyone they meet. It is necessary to carefully dodge the doge’s sinister guards from the eyes. Of course, they will detect you and even ask questions, but for this you will need to quickly dodge, because if detected, you will simply be killed, and the mission will be considered failed. Therefore, quickly wag between the guests of the carnival.

Don’t forget about groups of courtesans, which are excellent cover from enemies. Use them wisely. Wag from one group to another until the timer reaches zero. Further it will be much easier. You will shoot Doge Barbarigo right on the ship, and then quickly leave the carnival. Fortunately, for this you can simply jump into the water and quickly swim away from the crime scene.

Next, two important tasks should be singled out in Florence and in the City on the Water. In Venice, it will be difficult to manage the huge flyer built by Da Vinci. It will constantly decrease, risking exposing you to a powerful blow against the walls of houses. Therefore, pay attention to the pillars of fire scattered throughout the city. This will allow you to jump up sharply and continue the flight. But still, fiddling with a prototype jetpack is nothing compared to the murder of a merchant in Savonarola’s Florence.

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The mission to infiltrate the ship is one of the hardest in the game. To begin with, try not to come close to the ship and not even show up. There are two guards at the pier. If even one of them notices you, it will lead to collapse. Therefore, take a position on the roof and use the pistol. Shoot first at one guardsman, and then at his comrade. Then try to kill the third one who walks back and forth on the pontoon. Then dive into the water and swim quietly to the ship.

Try to board the boat from the stern, not from the bow. Slowly move up, clinging to the ledges. Then quietly throw one of the guards from the ship, which comes too close to the sides. Then just as quietly deal with his associates, avoiding detection. Next, stand on the ledge, under which the merchant is talking to the envoy of Savonarola. Press the Action button and watch the cutscene of the murder. That’s all. Mission accomplished.

On the last task to destroy Alexander Borgia, you can also pierce. As you infiltrate the Castle of the Holy Angel, hundreds of heavy guards descend on you. There is no way to deal with them without a grueling battle. So before going to Rome against the evil minions of galactic evil, get decent armor, the best weapons (preferably a hammer to pierce armor) and completely fill the bag with a first aid kit.

The battles are going to be very fierce. Enemies are strong and merciless. To get to Borgia, you must first defeat his army. Try to avoid serious damage and depletion of first-aid kits. Dodge the enemy, inflict sharp blows to his back or stomach, and do not forget about defense. In a battle with Alexander VI himself, it will be quite easy. The final boss in this game is a solid punching bag, albeit with an alien staff.

STEP 3: Code pages

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Many players encountered oddities when moving to the final mission. They were simply not allowed into Rome to destroy Alexander Borgia. They came to Monteriggioni after completing their missions, but many locations in Mario’s headquarters were teeming with white light. Barely approaching the glow, players received a far from encouraging inscription about the absence of memory fragments. Immediately, a voice from outside would appear, claiming missing Codex Pages. But what are these Pages? Many did not pay attention to this aspect at all.

The pages of the Codex of Assassins are the oldest manuscripts in which lie the greatest secrets of the universe. Many of these documents are over 10,000 years old. They existed long before Egypt and the Sumerians. To go to Rome, you need to collect all the Codex Pages and decipher its riddle. The riddle is a formation of a chaotic mosaic of a map of the globe. The pages are located in different cities. There are 30 of them in total. Therefore, if you still forgot to find them, it is recommended to do this immediately.

Use the city map to search for artifacts. The pages are displayed with a special symbol representing an open book. As a rule, they rest in banks or abandoned houses. Look for them in locations – Romagna, Monteriggioni, Venice, Florence and Mountain Limits. Turn on the map and carefully search the territory. Codex pages can often be found in city banks. Usually they are under the protection of 3-4 guards, which will have to deal with. Some are kept in remote estates. To do this, you need to get inside the house and open a special chest. Other Pages come across during the passage of additional missions, especially in the Tombs of the Assassins. Once you have found all the Pages, you access the puzzle, draw a map of the Earth on the screen, and prepare for the final battle.

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