Battle Royale will disappear from Fallout 76

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In 2019, in the post-apocalyptic survival simulator Fallout 76, the then popular Battle Royale mode appeared, which was added to almost every game. His goal is to remain the last survivor among several dozen players.

Despite the rather successful launch of this mode, called Nuclear Winter, over time it has become less popular, and the process of finding players has increased. For this reason, and also because of the difficulty of simultaneously creating content for the original game and the “battle royale”, the developers decided to completely exclude it. This will happen in the September update.

By the way, in honor of the upcoming E3 2021 exhibition, Bethesda has launched a promotion that will last until June 16. During this period, everyone can play for free, and the benefits of Fallout 1st are available without a subscription. In addition, the character’s leveling speed has doubled.

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