Best budget Bundesliga squad in FIFA Ultimate Team

image2 159 Best budget Bundesliga squad in FIFA Ultimate Team

The championship is considered one of the most interesting European championships, although it remains less popular in the Premier League, so the price of players from the German championship is much lower than in English.

It is quite possible to make a team of Bundesliga players for reasonable money. We tried to put together the best team while spending less than 300,000 coins. Here’s what that command looks like.

GK – IF Ralf Fehrmann

Price: 28k

In FIFA 18, Ralph Fehrmann was one of the best goalkeepers for most teams thanks to his impressive stats and his Saves with Feet skill, which helps him deflect shots from various angles. Although Fehrmann’s performance has declined this season, his TOTW 85 card makes him one of the most interesting goaltenders on the market.

In Fermann, reflexes are 89 and jumps are 85, so the goalkeeper can react quickly to shots and rush after them. Ralph’s weak side is he carried the ball (55), so it’s better to start attacks through the defenders, and not through the goalkeeper.

CB – Jonathan da Silva

Price: 3.4k

Since FIFA 17, Jonathan Yi has been one of the most defenders in the Bundesliga. His height is 1.95 m, so he feels very confident in the air, which is especially important when serving into the penalty area.

His defensive skills aren’t great, but it’s worth giving him a try when playing Shadow Chemistry. Then his sprint speed rises to 87, and most of the defensive indicators are at least 90. The most striking thing is the readiness for the fight – 99, this is the maximum indicator.

CB – Boateng

Price: 47k

Although Boateng has fallen slightly in the rankings compared to the previous FIFA (from 88 to 86), he continues to be the best defender in the Bundesliga.

According to his performance, the Bayern player is still among the top defenders in the world. Boateng’s stats are 85 long passes and 75 short passes, making him such a defensive player that he can launch attacks. He is also quite aggressive and unyielding (Strength 91, Aggression 81), making him a good option when choosing a lateral.

RB – IF Daniel Caligiuri

Price: 19k

The Italian right-back’s TOTW card is considered the best option for this position by all Bundesliga players. You can even improve this card (its rating is 85), but for this you need to collect Bundesliga SBC.

In fact, Bayern’s Yoshua Kimmo would be ideal at right-back, but he lacks the physicality and speed to be part of the best team.

Caligiuri can be useful not only in defense, but also in attack, as his attack completion rating is 73, and it is better to use him in defense, you should use the Shadow chemistry style: if the speed increases to 92, and the defense – to 82.

LB – Jerome Roussillon

Price: 700 coins

There are many good left-backs in the Bundesliga, and Jerome Roussillon seems to be the best among them. The French defender was popular in FUT mode in FIFA 18 and is now a viable option.

Unlike other defenders, he is better suited to the Sentinel Chemistry style, which will grant +10 to his Strength (77), Jump (73), and Aggression (75) stats. Defensive stats will also improve, making him very useful on the left flank.

CM – IF Witsel

Price: 32k

Axel Witsel was unexpectedly included in TOTW 14 after improving his defensive data. In principle, this player has a very good record for playing a box-to-box midfielder: Axel has a strength of 82 and four-star dribbling, meaning he is good in both defense and attack.

Normally we would suggest playing Witsel in chemistry style, but he seems to be even more suited to Artist style, which will improve his belting and field vision.

CM – IF Thomas Delaney

Price: 20k

Axel Witsel’s teammate, Thomas Delaney, is not the best addition to any team made up of Bundesliga players. He can also play as a box-to-box midfielder, as he has very good stamina (94), which allows him to play the full 90 minutes on the field.

Thomas’s main strength is defense, and he will also be useful in the direct fight for the ball, having such indicators: strength – 79, aggression – 86 and jumping – 88.

CM – Leon Goretskaya

Price: 3.5k

Leon Goretskaya is a very popular choice for managers in FUT. At the beginning of the season, he was worth up to 55,000 coins, mainly due to his name, but also due to his high rating and good individual performance.

Fortunately, over time it has become much cheaper, now its regular card can be purchased for 3.5 thousand. Don’t think twice, because it’s unlikely that for such a price you can grab another such good player.

Goretsky’s versatility is what makes him special. He can perform completely different roles on the field, and he will be good in each. His normal speed is 84, but when using the Shadow style, it increases to 96. The same style will increase his tackle and ability to intercept to 93.

LW – Marco Reus

Price: 22k

Marco Reus, the best player in the Bundesliga this season, has twice been named the best player of the month. His NIF card is great for the Hunter style, but even without it, Royce remains one of the best left wingers in the game.

He has 85 Speed, 86 Finishes and 82 Passing, meaning Marco can both finish attacks and assist. With the Hunter style, his speed gets +10 boost (up to 95) and his attack completion +5 (91), making him too much of an offensive tidbit.

RW – Arjen Robben

Price: 14k

Age takes its toll and Arjen Robben is no longer as powerful in the game as he was a few seasons ago, but at the same time he remains the best on the right flank of the attack. Fortunately, in FUT mode, you can use different styles of chemistry to improve the performance of players, so any weaknesses of Arjen can be leveled.

For example, it is worth improving its speed (79) and strikes (85). But there are weaknesses that cannot be fixed in any way – Arjen has only two stars of action with a weak foot, so, in fact, the Dutchman can only be dangerous when hitting with his left foot.

ST – UCL Live Philippe Max

Price: 71k

Borussia Dortmund striker Philipp Max has received a special UCL live card as part of the EA Sport’s Champions League promotion. When Borussia reached the 1/8 finals of the tournament, Philip received an 84 rating card and a significant improvement in individual performance.

The German dribbling is rated four stars, his finishing is 86, and his acceleration is 87. Adding four stars to this for his weak foot, it turns out that Max is an extremely useful and necessary player in the opponent’s box, who can score from both feet. . And if necessary, he is able to run counterattacks and pass opponents with feints.


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