Beta testing of Microsoft xCloud cloud service for iOS and PC begins today

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Microsoft has been adding to the library for months Xbox Game Pass… For a monthly subscription, Android players can enjoy hundreds of titles, including games from Bethesda and other major publishers. And all thanks to the cloud service Microsoft xCloud. IOS gamers were out of luck: Apple immediately banned the service on its devices, and then also removed Fortnite. As a result, Microsoft was able to work around this problem: it released a browser client that you can add to the home screen and run the application there. From this day, limited beta testing begins for gamers on iOS and PC; the latter must have Windows 10. It is worth noting that you must have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The following browsers are supported: Safari, Edge, and Google Chrome. As a result, gamers from 22 countries will be able to enjoy cloud gaming. Russia is not there.

If you’re lucky and don’t have a controller, don’t despair: Microsoft xCloud offers over 50 touch-control games.

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