Blade & Soul 2 Pre-Creation Launches In April

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NCSOFT has announced the start date for the pre-production of characters in the Korean version of Blade and Soul 2.

Players will go to the official website and choose their hero’s race, gender and book a name on April 22. A unique nickname assigned to the user in this way will be assigned to him on all servers.

Also, the developers have updated information about the game on the official website. In particular, there is now more information on races, pre-order items, and more.

Below you can find a fresh video in honor of the imminent start of this event:

Blade & Soul 2 is a sequel to the popular MMORPG Blade & Soul, created on Unreal Engine 4. The novelty is being developed for mobile platforms and PCs with cross-play support and will initially be released in South Korea. The release is expected in May 2021.

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