Boltrend Games brings Graffiti Smash to the West

Action Graffiti Smash has been launched in a number of Western countries. This is an RPG with a mixture of pinball.

Publisher Boltrend Games has moved Graffiti Smash from the Japanese market to the Western market. While this is an early launch on Android, on official website you can download the APK, it also mentions the imminent release of the version on iOS. This project has vertical gameplay and turn-based battles. We run a group of anime heroes who are divided into elements and possibly factions. To hit the enemy, you need to aim at him and release the character, as if it were a pinball ball.

There is English text in Graffiti Smash, although the dialogues are in Japanese. To win battles, you need to paint over the visible area orange (hello Splatoon). This will spawn a lot of boxes with items and buffs. In addition to the main plot, dungeons and Arena are available from the modes, although PvP is closed at the start. To get rare heroes, you need to participate in the gacha. At the start, instead of the usual 10 spins, we are given only one free one. Don’t forget the limited events and the Battle Pass.

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