Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips

image 1 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips

Multiplayer modes in Call of Duty are tough and present different levels of challenges. Take Team Deathmatch, for instance; teams of 1 to 6 players will kill one another to reach the 75 points required to win. Every kill represents a point, and one team must have the highest point in ten minutes. Also, in a mode like Kill Confirmed, players must kill others and also pick their dog tags to earn the required 75 points. 

All these goals are usually, and to win any match; you need the best cold war hacks and cheats to play better. Also, you need some pro tips to improve your style and overall performance. So, check some of the best tips we gathered below for both beginners and veteran COD players. 

Multiplayer Tips to win matches 

  1. Understand your environment 

The importance of map knowledge in Call of Duty cannot be overemphasized. You can’t do well in an environment you don’t know and understand. So take your time to study the map and uncover important vantage points, routes, blind corners, and camping spots. With this knowledge, you can strategize your movement, attacks, defenses, and even tactics. 

For instance, when you know all the corners available on the map, you can easily know where an enemy will hide or pass through. Also, you can identify important spots where you can also hide to ambush and kill the enemies. 

  1. Sound is a great weapon. 

One other weapon you have in Multiplayer is the sounds that occur in the game. Almost every action players take in the game is noisy. For example, running makes more noise than walking, and many players usually run always. Also, enemy shots are always audible if you listen. With these sounds, you can easily identify when another player is approaching you.

 But you have to be careful too. Instead of running and attracting attention, walk more and only run when it is necessary. Also, make sure your headphone is a high-quality brand to enable you to use the sound weapon more. Remember, Multiplayer modes emphasize more on kills to earn the winning points. So, don’t be easy prey but a formidable predator. 

  1. Be present in action.

If you’re playing multiplayer, always remember that kills earn points, and the points you earn lead to winning. That’s why you must always seek out the action instead of dodging it. If the mode demands more kills, then don’t hide from confrontations; instead, embrace them. Also, there is always an objective in every mode, and they usually dictate the action. As a result, many players usually flood around the objective. For instance, in the “Headquarters” mode, the teams will move towards the location to capture and hold it for 30 seconds. Knowing that this is where everyone is going can help you to focus better. 

Your team can make it faster to the location and capture the strategic points from where to kill the enemies. Also, in “Search and Destroy,” players usually flood around the bomb sites to attack or defend them. When you understand these modes, you can plan better and also achieve the winning. 

  1. Gun attachments are important. 

Do you know that many attachments can transform your gun into a killing machine? If you want to play Multiplayer better, don’t ignore the attachments. These attachments will improve the performance of your guns and boost the results you’ll get. Some of the attachments available in Multiplayer include flash guard, small suppressor, muzzle brake, large suppressor, compensator, lasers, optic, etc. 

Some of these attachments can mask your gun flash, noise and even allow you to see the target clearly. For instance, the optic attachments ensure higher precision in aiming and shooting, while the suppressors are responsible for silencing the guns when your fire them. So, grab the ones you can and unlock others through experience points. 

  1. Always be prepared to shoot. 

It can take a split second to kill someone on a battleground. Unfortunately, a fast-paced game such as Call of Duty doesn’t leave room for time wasters. So, as you’re moving around on the map, keep your gun ready to shoot. Pro players will tell you to pre-aim as you move about. That’s the only way to overcome surprises. 

If you’re pre-aiming, you can take down an enemy that suddenly appears before he notices you. Don’t allow an enemy to drop you while you’re still struggling to perfect your aim at him. 


If you’re ready to play any Multiplayer modes, be ready to shoot and dodge bullets. The tips above will help you to prepare better, play better and win more matches. Always study the game map to understand your environment. Then make sure that you make minimal noise in the game but listen and use other player’s sounds to win them. Finally, don’t forget the importance of weapon attachments and always pre-aim. 

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