Cartoon Rush Out: 4v1 Brawl Party reminds Dead by Daylight

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Cartoon action game Rush Out: 4v1 Brawl Party has appeared on Google Play in some countries. This is a trial run that you can participate in. By the way, some elements are inspired by the game Dead by Daylight.

Imagine that someone is chasing you, and you have to run away and restore generators. It can be one of two things – a bad dream or Dead by Daylight. This is actually a cartoonish game Rush Out: 4v1 Brawl Party. In it, four players run across the map and try to fix generators in order to open the gate and fly away on a rocket. At this time, a certain villain rushes after them, who cannot be called a maniac or a murderer.

To quickly repair a generator in Rush Out, you need to tap on the screen at the ideal moment, just like in DbD. The enemy can shoot at you with a bazooka that takes out in four shots. In this case, you can defend yourself, for example, by hitting with a huge boxing glove or leaving a banana peel in your path. By the way, you can download Rush Out through our Telegram channel

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