Cat Apartment 2 offers to have many kittens and take care of them

Mobile game Cat Apartment 2 is being tested in China. Android gamers can download it and start playing.

Cat Apartment 2 is a Tamagotchi simulator, but instead of pixelated childhood animals, players get full-fledged 3D graphics with nice low-poly textures and calm music. Unfortunately, since the project is being tested in China, there is no English localization, and much can be understood from video inserts.

The gameplay in Cat Apartment 2 consists of reading a visual novel and completing missions – you have to walk kittens (max 3 at the start) and receive rewards in the form of cat food or wood. This will help you meet new characters who build and offer unusual toys for kittens. This will help attract new eared inhabitants of the rural town.

Installation instructions Cat Apartment 2

  • Downloading APK file;
  • We enter the game and log in through WeChat (more on this link);
  • Insert the name and ID of the Chinese citizen from this table (if one line doesn’t work, try another);
  • We are enjoying the project.

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