CD Projekt RED may cancel multiplayer for Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s not all

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Once CD Projekt RED promised to add multiplayer to Cyberpunk 2077. Now these plans can change: the president of the studio, Adam Kicinski, spoke about the future of not only this project, but also the reddest company. Apparently CD Projekt is going to introduce online in all its future projects; by description, it resembles the story with Grand Theft Auto V. As for Cyberpunk 2077, if the game gets multiplayer, then along with the rest of the AAA franchises of CD Projekt (hello, The Witcher). And all this will be shoved into the GOG Galaxy ecosystem. Franchises will be transferred to mobile phones, as well as merchandise, TV series, and so on.

But that is not all. Insider Daniel Ahmad said that from 2022 the studio will start working in parallel on several AAA games. PR campaigns will be much shorter, and content from games will be shown closer to the real release. Development will be carried out on the independent RED Engine.

And one more mini-news: CD Projekt RED has acquired the Canadian studio Digital Scapes. These guys “have been working with us for three years and we trust them.” It is also indicated that Digital Scapes helped with the development of Cyberpunk 2077, especially with regard to “optimization of various aspects.” It turns out that this studio will join the CD Projekt division in Vancouver to “work on new projects.”

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