Chefy-Chef – 8-bit chef’s adventure is porting to iOS in a week

Publisher Crescent Moon Games will release Chefy-Chef on iPhone and iPad on July 6th. Pre-orders are now available.

Crescent Moon Games is a company that makes unusual games, often platformers like Micetopia and One Escape. So, another representative of this genre, Chefy-Chef, will be released on iOS in early July. Unfortunately, there is no talk of a version on iOS yet, since the free part of the game includes only a trial version, for full access you will have to pay around 200 rubles.

In Chefy-Chef, we play as an 8-bit chef who constantly runs out of ingredients or kitchen utensils. But he has a refrigerator with which he moves to different biomes; why are you surprised, Indiana Jones generally hid in it from the explosion. Of course, there will be jumps, puzzles and secrets in the locations. The main task is to get all the ingredients in 60 levels, using tools to unlock super powers. You can even unlock new outfits for your boss.

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