Chromo XY download torrent For PC

Chromo XY download torrent

Chromo XY download torrent of a great new arcade adventure with RPG elements. This is a chic adventure game for adults, but despite this, it is in great demand among teenage gamers. Try to go through all the interesting and entertaining missions, as well as side quests and mini-tasks that the arcade will provide you. Three-dimensional game, made in the spirit of Seek Girl V, will delight all fans of this genre.

Game process

The game has an interesting storyline with an entertaining narrative and excellent gameplay that should be borrowed by all current role-playing arcade games. Adventure tells about a young guy who has turned into a woman and will now live life for a beautiful young lady. At first, he was cheerful and provocative, but still he wants to return to his roots and become a man again. And you will help him in this. Although the whole game you will receive compliments from different guys, young men and start romance with them. You still do not even understand how cool and entertaining it is. Try to get to know the guy yourself, spend the night with him and start dating. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that you are actually a guy. But it’s invisible, so don’t worry. On the other hand, no one knows when you will return to your former male appearance. You yourself do not know what to say about others. Start casual conversations about love, about life, about sex. Play with guys, flirt, chat, choosing different lines in the dialogues. The game is role-playing, which means that you will be the main character, who will choose his own destiny. Complete freedom of action will provide you with an interesting passage and a fascinating story. After turning into a woman, you will need to complete many missions and side quests. All of them are aimed at getting to know the opposite sex and various experiments that you could not afford in ordinary life. It is not for nothing that the game has the prefix “18+”, because you have not seen such frank scenes as here.

Chromo XY features

  • interesting story;
  • excellent gameplay;
  • freedom of action, choice;
  • many missions, side tasks;
  • colorful animated graphics;
  • gorgeous soundtrack;
  • unusual story;
  • many videos, cut-scenes;
  • game 18+.

Download the Chromo XY torrent if you have long dreamed of playing an adult game and enjoying the storyline and walkthrough.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or Newer
  • Processor: 1.66 Ghz
  • Video card: 1920×1080
  • RAM (GB): 1.0
  • Free space on HDD (GB): 1.0


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