Cities XXL – First steps in building a city

image3 166 Cities XXL - First steps in building a city

The map is a very important factor in determining the difficulty of the game and the development of the city.

You select on the globe – click on one of the white dots to see a description of the place that is below it. You can choose between very diverse areas – from sandy beaches, islands, peninsulas and coasts, to plains dotted with hills, plateaus, river deltas and lakes, to high mountains, deserts and cliffs.

Each terrain type determines the materials that spawn in its terrain. You can see them as stars when you select cards. Zero stars is a lack of raw materials. Three stars indicate the abundance of places where this happens. And that’s why you won’t find fertile land in the mountains, so forget about farming. However, the snowy peaks are ideal for ski resorts, so tourism will flourish. There is no water in the desert, but there are probably other liquids under your feet – oil. Examples can be multiplied, but there is no map where the city would be completely self-sufficient in all respects.

At the very beginning, when you load a map, look at what area you came to build the city - Map - First steps - Cities XXL - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you have made your decision, enter the name of the city and click OK.

At the very beginning, when you load the map, look at which area you came to to build the city. Expand the raw materials panel on the right side and see if you have lots with oil, fertile soil, aquifers, and tourism opportunities. Only then make a decision about where to start building the city.

Beginning of the city

You need to take several steps common for each new city - Citys beginnings - First steps - Cities XXL - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You need to take a few general steps for each new city. The construction must be carried out exactly in the specified order – the game does not allow any flexibility.

1. Build a road leading to the edge of the map – an intercity road. This is the first step towards the founding of the city – thanks to it, new inhabitants will appear, and goods will be exported.

2. Build the town hall. This building provides access to the city’s main administration – the larger the town hall, the faster the city can grow. There is a relationship between the size of the town hall and the influx of residents, but this is not a very large increase.

3. Build a service center. This structure will provide basic services to the new city – it provides electricity, water, fuel and handles a small amount of waste. Unfortunately, this is not enough, and soon you will need to think about how to meet these needs in a different way.

Once you deal with these elements, you will have access to low density areas, but still not all.

It is worth building a dozen plots for workers. You will get access to heavy industry. Then build some lots for offices and lots for the skilled workers who will work in them.

Build some retail lots first – retail satisfaction is very important, but don’t overdo it. At first, two or three stores are enough.

From this point on, you can already start thinking about specialization – if you have large tracts of fertile land, start covering it with farms. They need only workers to work, and agricultural products can be used in trade.

You have probably noticed that you do not have access to manufacturing and modern industries, and you do not have the ability to build apartments for executives and the elite. But first things first. After reaching the appropriate population, access to these structures is unlocked.

If your balance starts to go in an undesirable direction – that is, it starts to fall or, even worse, you will lose money, open a trading window and sell all the excess. The Resources window indicator will let you know if there is a surplus. A red box with a line on the left indicates a large excess of one of the starting materials. The business will help to quickly compensate for the losses caused by the construction of new sites, or fill a hole in the budget.


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