Civilization: Reign of Power will be released in Asia in 4 days

Civilization: Reign of Power is a mobile strategy game with MMO elements. The fact is that you have to establish diplomatic relations with some players and military – with others. The action of the game will unfold in large areas where you need to build Wonders of the World, get the great historical generals through the gacha system and go to victory together with your alliance.

Civilization: Reign of Power will be released in South Korea, and maybe other countries in Asia, on November 29th; the developers themselves announced it. Interestingly, the mobile version is not built on Civilization VI, and not Sid Meier’s Civilization 5.

Pre-registration for Civilization: Reign of Power can be done through the official website. Note that an early version for Southeast Asia became available in mid-November.

The gameplay in Civilization: Reign of Power is divided into seasons, which will allow newcomers to start the game much later than more hardcore gamers, and thanks to this, developers will constantly update content, a season pass and more.

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