Conan Exiles Patch 2.4 Allows Worshiping The Spider God And Visiting New Territories

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Conan Exiles has a major update 2.4. The patch brought an abundance of content to the game, ranging from new regions to bug fixes, optimization improvements, and more. We have highlighted several points that, in our opinion, are the most interesting.

  • New lands:
    • To the east lies the Isle of Dawn, with large wilderness areas and the ruins of the Gray Ones capital.
    • Isle of Twilight, located in the western part of the volcanic lands.
    • In the center is the Floodlands with high cliffs and overgrown plains.
  • New religion. To the already existing religions, a deity was added – the spider-god Zat. Along with this, new items and NPCs related to this religion have been added.
  • Transfer of characters. the developers promise to add the ability to transfer characters from official servers to unofficial ones and vice versa. During the transfer, the level, appearance and all items in the inventory are saved.

In addition, many fixes, improvements and rebalances related to PvP have been added and much more. You can get acquainted with the full list of innovations and fixes on the official website of the game.

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