Creepy Dark Elf cinematic ahead of Lineage W patch release

NCSOFT has published a creepy cinematic trailer of the Dark Elf, which will appear in the next major update 2nd Episode: Dark Elf for MMORPG Lineage W. In the video, we can see the attack of monsters on the city, brutally cracking down on warriors, as well as the consequences of this attack. Then the Dark Elf himself comes into play, who kills his enemies with no less cruelty, and at the same time manages to save the king.

The Dark Elf can use dual blades or claws as weapons. He is able to reduce the armor of an enemy target, become invisible and temporarily double the damage dealt by weapons.

The 2nd Episode: Dark Elf update for Lineage W will be released on May 4, 2022.

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