Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: Which Abilities to Choose

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When you enter the world of Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time, you’ll be confronted with so many abilities (and trees) that even a cybernetically enhanced brain can explode when choosing them. It is very large, but some abilities are literally priceless, and taking them is simply a must.

However, not all of them are so necessary, and some abilities from different trees are perfectly combined with each other. For example, you can increase headshot damage with a pistol in one tree, damage to people in another, and damage with silenced weapons in a third. Therefore, when firing from a pistol with a silencer, your damage will triple.

There are many such examples, and some of these abilities can be obtained at the very beginning of the game. But before talking about the best abilities, it is important to note how you earn points for pumping them. They grow with the increase of individual skills, and not just with an increase in the level of the character. This is somewhat similar to Skyrim – each skill is pumped separately if you just use it.

Skills everyone needs

Next, we will look at the abilities that are literally mandatory for every player. Upgrade any weapon you like, but don’t forget about them. Try to act as diverse as possible – use stealth attacks and hacking, change weapons, craft and upgrade. The more you do, the more ability points you earn.

  • Mass Vulnerability: Hacking Protocol Level 1 – Unlocks a Mass Vulnerability demon that reduces the physical resistance of all enemies connected to the network by 30% for 3 minutes.
  • Recovery: Athletics, level 1 – health in battle is slowly restored.
  • pack mule: Athletics, level 1 – the maximum weight threshold is increased by 60.
  • Journeyman: Create, level 1 – allows you to create rare items.
  • Innovation: Craft Rank 1 – Increases the effectiveness of consumable items by 25%.

Build for stealth and ranged combat

Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: Essential Abilities

This build is very specific, but all these abilities can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. With them, you will become a silent killing machine – by focusing on increasing damage and headshots, you can deal deadly damage with pistols and sniper rifles. The following skills from various trees will allow you to kill anyone you want in the game. It just takes a little precision.

  • Carabinieri: Rifles, level 1 – Increases the damage of rifles and submachine guns by 3% / 6% / 9%.
  • The bull’s eye: Rifles, level 7 – damage from aimed shots from rifles and submachine guns is increased by 10%.
  • death tread: Stealth Rank 1 – Stealth increases the damage of fired weapons with a silencer by 25%.
  • Lethality: Stealth, level 7 – damage to people is increased by 15%.
  • Sniper: Stealth Rank 1 – Headshot damage from out of combat shots is increased by 30%.
  • Nerves of steel: Rifles, level 11 – Headshot damage from sniper and target rifles is increased by 20% / 40%.
  • Deadly Accuracy: Serenity Level 11 – Increases headshot damage by 50%.
  • Right in the head: Short Barrel, Level 1 – Pistol and Revolver headshot damage ratio increased by 30%.

The game has a huge number of abilities, but it was these that seemed to us the most useful. What do you think? Maybe we missed some important abilities?

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