Daily action in shooter Escape from Tarkov

The latest update to the hardcore first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov added so-called operational tasks. These are daily tasks for which a certain amount of time is allotted – or, in other words, daily quests. Such quests will be marked with a special clock icon, and if you do not have time to complete them, they will be considered failed, and new ones will appear in their place.

Operational tasks become available from the fifth level. As in the case with the usual tasks, after completing it, you must return to the merchant. As a reward, you can get experience, money and various items.

The objectives of operational tasks can be different, due to the large number of additional conditions and their combinations, and their complexity increases with increasing level. Now tasks require players to eliminate PMCs and Wilds, find certain items or survive in locations. In future updates, they promise to expand the list significantly.

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