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Days Gone – Nero Research Locations

While exploring the game world of Days Gone, you will quickly come across the so-called Nero points. These are abandoned medical buildings in which the company conducted various experiments.

Such metas are worth visiting, because they can find many useful items that will help in survival and improve the statistics of the protagonist.

You need to not only find these points, but also get inside.

To get to these places you need:

  • Find the location of the medical center.
  • Find a can of gasoline.
  • Get to the generator.
  • Fill up the generator and start it up.
  • Enter the object.
  • Pick up the recorder and injectors.

Nero points will appear on the map along with the opening of new areas and will be marked with a special icon of two crossed bandages (1). When you see such a place on the map, you can hover over the icon to see basic information about this place.

When you get to the Nero point, then be extremely careful, because there are a lot of freaks next to them, which, if possible, should be eliminated in advance. Then inspect the nearest area and find a canister with gasoline (2).

After you have to find generator (3). It’s a big device on wheels. They are usually located next to the main building.

Refuel it with gasoline by pressing the O key. When the generator is full, press the button located on it to restore power and gain access to the object (now you can open the previously locked door).

Various items can be found inside the structure, but the most valuable are the injectors located in special boxes (4). With their help, you can increase one of the three characteristics of the hero – health, physical strength or concentration.

In addition to syringes, you can also one of the types of collectibles – audio recordings (5).


When trying to get into a medical facility, it is worth knowing some important points.

First, starting the generator will not only restore power, but also activate sirens (6). They can attract nearby enemies, so use a knife or silenced weapon to get rid of them.

Secondly, there are different types of points. The example above shows the general steps, but some medical points require others. For example, to get to the generator, you need to push the nearest car (7)which will make it possible to get on the roof buildings (8). In other cases, you need to cross the abyss on a motorcycle using nitro.

Days Gone – Nero Items: Get Away Mission

This is Nero’s first medical station, which we will get to as part of the main plot.

You will first encounter Nero’s Medical Station during a mission called “Run Away” (a storyline titled “That’s My Brother”) during your stay at Camp Copelanda.

One of the tasks in the said mission will be to achieve medical center (1) and penetration.

To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Find a can of gasoline.
  2. Start the generator.
  3. It is possible to get rid of the sirens.
  4. Enter the facility and pick up important items.

As soon as you get to the point, it is best to first clear the area of ​​enemies.

After that, pay attention to the truck with the hook, which is standing on the main road. Behind you will find a canister with gasoline (2).

Now go to the main building, namely to the left wall. There you will find generator (3)which needs to be filled with gasoline from a canister (approach, press and hold the “O” key).

If you want to protect yourself from freaks, then before refueling the generator, destroy everything loudspeakers (4).

Then go back and start the generator, which will restore energy and allow you to enter the building. If you don’t destroy the sirens, they will attract freaks. Once inside, collect valuable items, including an injector in white box (5).

Nero: point in the old cemetery (medical center)

How to get to the object to the east of the Necropolis.

This is another medical station located at the end of one of the roads leading north of the map.

These are the following elements:

Medical point (1) in the cemetery in Old Pioneer is located in the northern part of the map, east of and the place located between the freak hatchery areas.

There may be enemies nearby, so they should be destroyed in advance. Then find can of gasoline (2)which stands under a tree near the road.

There you will encounter another group of freaks that you should get rid of. Walk around the main building and find crates (3)and go up to the roof to get rid of the sirens (one of the sirens is next to the booth on the road).

After go to generator (4) to the left of the building. Fill it with fuel and activate it to get to the medical facility. Inside you will find a chest with an injector and an audio recording.

Days Gone – Nero: Horse Creek Research Area (Health Station)

This Nero Medical Station is quite unusual as there is no need to re-power or go inside. Medical camp (1) located near the camp Cand Creek to Horse Creek (2).

There are two ways to get there.

In the first case, you need to find overturned train (3). Just follow the rails to get to the right place.

The second option is to go through the camp and find a passage near wooden logs (4).

Climbing inside you will reach a place with hanging corpses of freaks. Watch out, because one of them will attack the hero.

When you reach the camp, look for white box (5) with injector and audio recording (6) on right.

Days Gone – Nero: Point Across Horse Lake (Medical Station)

How to get to the object on a train filled with freaks.

The next item also has valuable items and an injector that will allow you to increase your hero’s stats. On the next page you will learn:

  • Where is the point Nero on Horse Lake
  • What dangers await you.
  • Where is the gas canister located?
  • How to get inside.
  • Where to find the injector and audio recording.

This medical center Nero (1) located in the northern part of the map. It is located next to the railway tracks.

Approaching the item, pay attention to train (2)standing on rails. Be vigilant, because there is a group of freaks in it, and if you act noisily, they will attack the hero.

Canister with gasoline (3)needed to start the generator, is on the boxes next to the rails.

To get inside, you must first push the nearest car (4). Then climb up roof (5) and destroy the nearby sirens. Then return to the canister and fill generator (6) fuel.

After you open the door leading inside the building. Go there and pick up items, including an injector.

Days Gone – Nero Medical: Marion Forks Tunnel, Crashed Helicopter and Nero Point in Santiam Tunnel (Medical Center)

NERO Post at Marion Forks Tunnel (Medical Station)

This is another place where you can get valuable items, an injector that increases your stats, and one of the faucets. On the site you will learn:

The point is in the northern part cards (1), next to the Marion Forks Tunnel, a desert area to the west. The tunnel itself is filled with cars, so if they interfere with the passage, then you need to move a few cars.

When you get there, pay attention to the block fuses (2) on the wall of the building. It turns out that one of the fuses is missing.

Then use your skill to find the footprints. Start walking to the tent where you will find body (3). Search it and you will get a fuse. Return with it to the block and insert the object inside.

Next you need to start the generator, standing in the corner of the building. Can of gasoline (4) can be found near the truck. Before restoring power, do not forget to destroy the sirens – some of them are on the roof of the building, and one is on the roof of the watchtower.

After power is restored, go inside and open the drawer and take the injector. Nero audio recording on desktop.

Nero: research area at the site of a helicopter crash

Helicopter across the chasm south of Copland’s camp.

This is another post where the Nero staff did their research. These are not rear, but simply a broken helicopter.

This research area Nero (1) located south of the Copeland camp, where you get to shortly after the start of the adventure.

Approaching the helicopter, you will quickly realize that it is on a platform with no road to it. The only way to get there is to use nitro and jump over abyss (2) on the bike.

This way you will get to places (3), where it is worth a little walk. In addition to the regular items, you will also find a chest with an injector and an audio recording.

Nero Point in Santiam Tunnel (Medical Center)

You will find Nero’s next post in the south of the Lost Lake area, which you will find in the story campaign.

Fast Nero (1) located in the southern part of the lake. This is an area with a freak zone where you will find several nests. Before trying to enter the object, it is worth burning all the nests.

But be very careful, because there may be a horde nearby. After the destruction of the breeding den, a large concentration of freaks will disappear, which will make it easier to penetrate the object.

When the road is clear, you will need to take care of two things – fuel and a fuse. you can find canister (2) in a tent in front of the building. It stands to the left of the entrance. To get to the generator, simply climb up through the roof above the boxes on the right (by the way, destroy the sirens).

The second is a fuse. The first trail that leads to it is a corpse lying next to a grate on the right side of the road. She will lead to entrance (3) on the right side of the tunnel. You will unlock it after burning the nest, and you will find the fuse itself in the chest on the left.

Then just plug it into the electrical box (4). Then start the generator and enter the facility, where, as usual, you will find an injector and an audio recording.

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