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DayZ download torrent

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The DayZ video game is set in the popular survival heat, every action is truly believable, download it via torrent if you want to see it. Eminent igrodely worked on its creation and you can evaluate what they did. Now let’s find out what is good about this game.

More detailed information

The visual side of the project. The creators worked hard and came up with new elements, but the main concept of the addon is preserved. They transferred the world we know, but brought here even more gloom, internal tension and the corresponding atmosphere. The presented space has increased in area, and now you will find even more villages and individual towns that have undergone a zombie apocalypse. To add variety, improve the work, the interface was changed, the system responsible for damage was changed, customization is now a little different, many other weapons. Of course, the graphics have become an order of magnitude higher and you will have something to look at.

Game process

It is necessary to pay tribute to the developers because they did a great job. The mechanics remained at the same high level. You will be transported to this space with the most minimal supply of provisions, however, to alleviate your plight, you will be given a lantern. Initially, you will not receive any weapons at your disposal and will act on your own. As soon as you get into the city for the first time, then immediately look for not a sharp ax, a couple of high-calorie bars, and if you really try, then water. Embark on an unforgettable journey with DayZ, which you can download via torrent on our website. Other people will wallow in hunger, constant wars and radiation. It became unusual to see non-standard symptoms on the monitor, you have to satisfy many of the needs of the hero, otherwise you will not survive. But be aware that brain eaters and the chance to get irradiated are not all the enemies you encounter. The project’s multiplayer capabilities give other people a chance to lash out at you.

Distinctive features of DayZ

  • visual picture. The authors decided to change the entire space and redraw it in a completely different concept. Updated textures, more modern animation, constant light dynamics and, to top it off, a chilling atmosphere that will constantly accompany you.
  • You will be able to fully enjoy the volumes of Chernorussia. You’ll pass by forgotten and almost destroyed buildings and settlements, and cities will be scattered at an impressive distance.
  • Addictive gameplay. It remains the same exciting and incredibly believable. Everything is extremely simple here, you just need to stay alive and continue on your way. It is necessary to inform that your ward, like an ordinary person, needs sufficient rest, food and water. Pay due attention to his state of health, stamina, satiety and the level of radiation that will haunt you.
  • Enemies – undead, radiation, people encountered on the way. The zombies here are very resourceful and endowed with sufficient power. After landing a couple of hits, they can deal significant damage. However, you, in turn, can use melee weapons, eliminate opponents. In addition, you should be wary of a villain who comes unnoticed. But do not forget that other participants do not mind starting to hunt you.
  • Know that if you die in DayZ, you have to start over and no concessions, download via torrent if you are not afraid of difficulties.

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD Phenom II X4
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1 GB VRAM or better
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Free hard disk space: 6 GB


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