Diablo 2 Resurrected fan got all unique items in just 438 hours

The player under the nickname “Enpherno” became the first person who managed to complete the Holy Grail Community Challenge in Diablo II: Resurrected and get all the unique items (almost 400 pieces) in the game on his own in a relatively short amount of time.

The goal of the Holy Grail challenge is to collect a set of the most unique items in the game alone, or in other words, so that the item falls out for the player, and is not obtained by exchange. It took the hero only 438 hours of farming to reach the goal, which is a record.

By comparison, “MrLlamaSC”, Diablo 2’s best speedrunner, took four years or 2,500 hours to complete a mission.

Below you can find information on this achievement from MrLlamaSC, which explains how difficult this task is:

No matter how the record sounds, in fact, it is very difficult to achieve it. While some items in D2 drop very often, others are quite rare. There are even insanely ultra-rare items with a drop rate of over 1: 100,000, and of course Tyrael’s Power, the last item Enpherno looted, is the rarest of them all.

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Most users will never find this armor, not only because of the insane rarity, but also if purposefully farming.

I actually completed one Holy Grail of my life in Diablo 2 and it took about 2,500 hours, of which I spent about half looking for just one item. No matter how fast you move or how many monsters you kill, sometimes the item you want just won’t drop.

However, in this case, “Enpherno” managed to collect everything in less than 500 hours, setting a new record! A real testament to his skill … plus, of course, a little luck.

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