DOTA 2 Anime Season 2 Officially Confirmed

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Valve announced the second season of the MOBA DOTA 2 anime series. The sequel will be called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Book II (probably in Russian localization – “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Book 2.” More details are not yet available.

Recall that the first season was released on March 25 on the streaming service Netflix, with Russian subtitles and voice acting. The event did not have much of an impact on online DOTA 2, but the demand for the services of game coaches has increased significantly.

Recently, a movie called Free to Play was made available on Netflix, which was released on Steam in 2014. The film follows three professional players from around the world vying for the $ 1 million prize in the first Dota 2 tournament, The International.

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