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Description of the game

Quite an interesting and attractive game that will help players to intervene in a new universe with colorful moments and beautiful scenes. Here, each mission is presented as a specific task that must be completed in order to gain experience, additional weapons and other equally important attributes that confirm the warrior’s path.

Try to get into the taste of the game as quickly as possible, find for yourself several episodes, each of which will help to cope with the set opportunities, because tomorrow may prepare a fight that will end in a terrible style. Only a few moments separate our dimension from the terrible existence. Look in front, take a look at what is the opportunity to overcome the enemy and who is the final boss.

The Japanese studio allows you to intervene in a new world with significant adventures, to see how humanity has broken out to a new level, which means that no one understands what the new reality is. And only a self-confident and impetuous person will be able to realize a whole range of emotions with maximum speed. But whose land will turn out to be the best, what are the results of the fight, where the men who took the front line get their medals.

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Platform: PC
Release date: 2019
Genre: action / RPG
Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher / distributor: Square Enix

Trailer and gameplay for the game

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