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unnamed Download Obliteracers for PC

More about Obliteracers

A pleasant bonus when completing races is a pleasant physics of car movement, as well as a large detailing of their damage in collisions and accidents. You can either come first to the finish line or destroy all opponents on the way to it.

Obliteracers is an indie action racing game that won several awards at once before the start. You take part in a race for 16 people, playing as a selected unique character with the ability to knock opponents off the track and destroy their vehicles by total destruction. The game offers exciting competitions in a variety of cars and aircraft. Cartoon alien creatures will act as participants, and the competitions themselves will unfold on exotic extraterrestrial worlds. Use various weapon bonuses and all your racing skills to defeat treacherous opponents and become the sole winner of the competition

Obliteracers is an arcade action game for the computer that was developed and released by the professionals from the independent studio Varkian Empire in 2016. The full version of “Obliteracers” in Russian will allow you to enjoy the incredible intergalactic rides while piloting a wide variety of vehicles. You have to play as bizarre creatures, each of which has its own unique vehicle. We recommend that all lovers of high-quality and colorful projects download Obliteracers to their computer via torrent.

Incredible and exciting competitive events await you in a variety of bizarre cars and flying machines. In addition, all competitions will take place on incredible tracks located on extraterrestrial worlds. Collecting various bonuses during the race, you can overtake your opponent, knocking him down with a rocket shot, or overtaking him at turbo speed. This game provides many modes, including single player and multiplayer mode, as well as online co-op. Click on the torrent download and go to incredible worlds with Obliteracers for free.

You have never seen such a drive and fantastic adventures! The game “Obliteracers” will immerse you in the real world of battles, although they will be just incredibly colorful and interesting. You will plunge into bright competitions in intergalactic wars, while you do not need anything other than endurance and dexterity.

Immerse yourself in wonderful adventures and finally face the circumstances. Before you the coolest races of our time, which can be improved and made the way you like. Besides. You will be all the time in a fantastic, cosmic atmosphere that will give even more colorful memories of this world.

Why should you torrent download Obliteracers?

There is no more exciting and dynamic race in the world than this one: because here you will find insane fun with cool strangers and all kinds of weapons, to which you can attach no less absurd enhancements.

Co-op game mode for those who like to play with friends on the same couch, online mode for those who like to fight with other players.

Each race is divided into rounds, which is very convenient for those who are forced to exit and re-enter.

Simple controls and many possibilities for your strategy.

How to download Obliteracers via torrent and install on your computer?

1. Install

2. Copy the contents of the “CODEX” folder to the folder with the installed game, replace.

3. Play

The game language can be changed by editing the steam_api.ini file.

Obliteracers system requirements

✔ Operating system: Windows® Vista / Windows® 7 (64-bit or higher)
✔ Processor: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ
✔ RAM: 4 GB
✔ Sound device: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
✔ Video card: DirectX® 10 / GTS 450, Radeon 5750 1 GB, Intel HD 5000
✔ Hard disk space: 7 GB

  • Name: Obliteracers
  • Released: 2016
  • Genre: Race, Arcade, Action
  • Developer: Varkian empire
  • Language: Russian English
  • Tabletka: Sewn

Briefly about the game:

Obliteracers will show you the world of intergalactic battle races of a futuristic future! Competitions are held in a variety of cars and aircraft, on exotic alien tracks. Racers are famous cartoon aliens. You will have to use different types of weapons and racing skills in order to defeat insidious opponents and become the winner of the competition. Single player, group game modes and online play are provided. Co-op races, in which up to 16 players can take part at the same time, here the spirit of team rivalry and struggle is felt like in no other similar game. Choose one of the present alien races with your original vehicle and go out on the track against your opponents. In the game Obliteracers you will have to fight not against other people, but with real aliens, who can be both “green men” and strange, not at all understandable creatures.

download Download Obliteracers for PC

Obliteracers trailer and gameplay

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