Dragon’s Blood doubled demand for DOTA 2 trainers

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According to the VKontakte ad service, there has been a significant increase in demand for trainers’ services for the game DOTA 2 after the release of the anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

In March, the search for such ads doubled compared to the beginning of the year, and views increased by a third. The offers have also increased 1.6 times, and some are even ready to teach beginners for free.

The demand for goods for gamers using the DOTA 2 keywords has also increased. For example, there were goods with the name “pulls DOTA” and the like.

However, the anime series has not yet boasted an increase in the popularity of the game itself. According to SteamCharts, there hasn’t been much of a gain in player numbers since the release of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

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