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“Dronopocalypse” began in Crossout

Crossout now has a temporary mode “Dronopocalypse” with battles in the “8 vs 8” format on pre-assembled drones. To win, one of the teams must have an enemy leviathan. If by the end of the timer no one has done this, then those who have retained the most safety margin wins. This mode is available only until April 11 inclusive.

In addition to scrap metal, you can receive unique stickers for completing special tasks as a reward:

  • Play 3 battles in the Dronopocalypse Brawl – 2 stickers “Dronopocalypse 2051”
  • Cause 20,000 damage to an enemy Leviathan – 2 stickers “Power of the atom”.

An Easter event has also started, in which you need to find all the hidden holiday eggs. This year, their number has increased, as has the number of awards. In addition, improvements were made to maps, clan battles, raids, interface, sounds, and more.

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