Early version of Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer is available on Android

Arcade strategy Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer has appeared on Google Play in some countries.

Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer is a mobile project that is available on Android in Singapore and the Philippines; there is no version information for iOS. In this game, we choose one of three factions – humans, elves and orcs; the type of buildings and the type of the future kingdom depend on your choice. You also need to knock out rare commanders and go through story chapters.

Since this is a mobile strategy game with fog of war, you need to cooperate with other players and form alliances. Together you will rule the territories and take part in the conquests. That is, we get a geo-strategy with nice graphics and a setting reminiscent of the Warcraft series.

As for the combat, the battles in Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer take place in auto mode, before that we just place the units on the grid. I will note the symphonic soundtrack and simple interface, only the VIP status next to the player’s avatar spoils everything. This is a hint that as you level up, the win rate will be more about donated gamers.

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