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Earned download torrent For PC

Earned download torrent

Edition type: Repack. Size: 0.024 GB | Seeds: 543 Lychees: 39

Download the torrent of an interesting puzzle game with beautiful 2D graphics. Try to go through all the quests and puzzles that the game is trying to oppose to you. We are sure you will do the best. The main thing is to use logical thinking and try not to be distracted. This is the only way to go through all the plans of a mad scientist who decided to bring them to life. You will manage the professor’s student, and he will put you to the test, which will only come into his head. The game turned out to be quite high-quality, the ratings and reviews are all positive.

Story line

The whole plot is rather banal, although quite interesting. But you should immediately prepare for the fact that it is uncomplicated. Meet a lot of missions and additional quests that you just have to go through, without any special deep storytelling and scenario. You simply choose a mission and begin to suffer over it, trying to somehow unravel the ciphers and secret messages of the mad scientist. Either you will unravel a bomb that can explode at any second, then you need to turn off the switch by cutting off a couple of unnecessary wires out of 100, then you will simply collect goods in a cart, and so on. In general, carry out various assignments of the professor and go through an exciting arcade adventure. As you progress, the difficulty increases, a timer with a limited time is turned on, there are more missions. Performing numerous tasks requires careful preparation for each of them. You must concentrate all your attention on a single task and endure, diligently going through each thread. This is the only way to defeat the professor. Often the player will be separated by some millimeters from victory. In addition to the limited time, you will still have a few wardrobe items and other items needed for this task. Take advantage of all of them and be able to complete the mission so that it is not only successful, but also you keep some of the items intact. The main scenario of many tasks is the continuation of the professor’s route. And during the passage of one mission, you cannot turn back or cancel an action that has already been taken. So think carefully before doing anything. Download the torrent Earned and go through a fun, funny and very interesting arcade game.

Game process

During the passage you will pass about 200 tasks, additional quests and mini-missions. Meet more than 70 items and elements useful for overcoming routes. This game is made for enjoyment and entertainment. You literally can’t get rid of her. And for especially creative users, an internal editor has been created. Create your own levels, missions and puzzles. Do not worry, the assistant will explain everything to you and try to contribute to a quality product. Look for those solutions that will help you complete a certain mission faster than planned by the game itself. Then you will receive prizes and awards. As for the graphics, it is nostalgic, but the drawing is quite high quality and solid. Shadows are present, brightness is high, and many graphics are in real time.

Features Earned

  • excellent gameplay;
  • many missions;
  • limited time to pass;
  • a bunch of tasks and mini-quests;
  • exquisite puzzles;
  • chic drawing;
  • many additions, game versions;
  • indie adventure with arcade mode;
  • training mode;
  • built-in editor.

Download the torrent Earned to get bogged down in sheer pleasure and enjoyment.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium III / Duron 800 MHz
  • Video card: 128 MB
  • Hard disk space: 100 MB


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