Empire of Crime: Become the head of crime and own the city

The Empire of Crime strategy appeared on Google Play in America and probably a couple more countries. This is not GTA, but it will do for mobile phones.

Empire of Crime is a mobile project that is available on Android; there is no version information for iOS. We have to assemble a squad of dogs and gangsters who are at war with other families for control of the city. The graphics match the advertising in social networks about similar games, and the battles take place in auto mode. The plot is revealed through cut scenes on the project engine, plus text dialogues in English.

The main task in Empire of Crime is to expand your possessions and control the streets with adjacent buildings. Of course, it all starts with your luxurious villa and from there comes the seizure of territories. For permanent domination, I advise you to join the top clan, but for enemies to envy, you need to keep beautiful ladies at hand. Get ready for constant raidsto steal your wealth. Can you survive in this world saturated with money and crime?

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