Erangel Military Base Bridge in PUBG has been redesigned

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 11.2 update has reworked the military base bridge on Erangel. Players now have more opportunities to cross it, thanks to the addition of new objects and scaffolding. Comparison screenshots can be found under the spoiler below:

In addition, the patch introduced improvements to the reputation system. Cases of abuse of the system of complaints in the game and when watching replays were identified – now they will not affect the level of the player’s reputation. To prevent a squad of three intentionally complaining about a player in its squad, a maximum number of reduced reputation points has been set per session. The number of reputation points gained at levels 1 and 4 has also been increased.

The developers have added a new survivor ticket “Pajama Party”, and from now on tickets are not tied to seasons. Increased recoil of secondary weapons in vehicles. The SLR has a new barrel model. Various improvements have been made to the log and match report. You can find out more details about patch 11.2 on the official website or in the video below.

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