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Factorio: cheats and console commands

Console commands and cheats for Factorio will make it easier to navigate the rich world of the game, as well as achieve the main goal of creating extensive production chains and ubiquitous automation.

Everyone knows that Factorio is a rather difficult game (especially for beginners), and many users are not patient enough, which is why they resort to using a number of console commands and various cheats that make the gameplay much easier.

That is why we decided to find the most useful and popular console commands and cheats for Factorio, and placed them in the list below.

First you need to open the console: press the tilde (~) or slash (/) key. If the console still does not open, you need to rebind the key in the game settings. Just go to Manage->Basic Interaction, find the “Open Chat (and Console)” option and set the desired button.

Note: If you type “/help” into the console while playing through a level, a full list of useful console commands will appear on the screen.

Command Description
/seed Copies the seed of the current map
/ time Shows information about the age of the card
/toggle-action-logging Enable/disable logging of all actions in the console
/permissions Opens the permissions UI
/alerts Disables/enables various warnings (e.g. no_material_for_construction)
/unlock- shortcut bar Unlocks all items in the Quick Access Toolbar
/admin Opens the player control interface
/ban Ban player
/unban Unban a player
/demote Removes admin rights from a player
/ promotion Gives the player admin rights
/ignore Ignore Player
/unignore Disable ignore player
/kick Kick a player from the server for the specified reason
/mute Mutate player
/ unmute Unwind the player

Below you will find a small set of cheats for Factorio. Unlike console commands, they disable all achievements in the game.

Chit Description
/cheats Researches all technologies, includes cheat mode
/editor Includes map editor
/c Executes the specified command (examples below)
/c game.player.zoom = 0.2 Increases map zoom
/c game.player.force.manual_mining_speed_modifier = 1000 Speeds up mining
/c game.player.force.manual_crafting_speed_modifier = 1000 Speeds up crafting
/c game.player.cheat_mode = true Cheat mode, endless crafting
/c game.player.selected.amount = 7000 Gives the specified amount of resources
/cgame.player.insert {name=”item”, count=100} Gives the specified amount of the selected item
/cgame.speed = number Changes the speed of the game
/c game.player.surface.always_day = true Always a day in the game
/cgame.player.surface.clear_pollution() Removes air pollution from the game

If you are looking for more difficult cheats, then a more extended list can be found at wiki-factorio page (in English).

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