Fallout 76 – How to get Power Armor

Kak poluchit Silovuyu Bronyu Fallout 76 - How to get Power Armor

Power armor is the most distinctive type of armor in the entire Fallout series. She is in all parts of the series, and also appears in Fallout 76.

What gives us power armor? First of all, it increases our defense and allows us to carry more items in our inventory.

However, not all armor pieces can be equipped at once. Some require 15 or 20 experience levels. However, the skeleton itself and the main form of the armor can be activated and used from the very beginning of the game.

For this reason, it is worth getting the first armor quickly. Some locations with armor are located quite close to Vault 76. All locations where you can find power armor can be found on our map.

Power Armor Map

First, note that you will find armor in each of these places. It’s certainly possible, but if another player takes the armor before you spawn, you’ll have to wait until the next login or look into another area.

  1. In a bandit camp in the mountains to the north.
  2. At the sawmill in the northwest, by the river.
  3. In a warehouse on the Aaronholt farm (the key is near the body lying in the bath near one of the destroyed huts).
  4. In jail on road 92 (note about super mutants).
  5. In one of the train cars.
  6. In a warehouse near the train station in Morgantown.
  7. On the roof of a building in the west of the cape.
  8. On the first floor of the west wing of Arktos Pharma.
  9. At Billings Farm.
  10. In a warehouse at Wade Airport.
  11. At the Venture camp to the east.
  12. At the Nuka Cola factory.
  13. In the basement of the mine headquarters.
  14. At the Curwood Mine.
  15. In the RoboCo complex, in the eastern part.
  16. In the basement of the Rusty Peak building.
  17. Behind the building of the Red Rocket station.
  18. In the Big Bend mine (the key is near the body in the mine).
  19. In the Big Bend Tunnel.
  20. On the roof of the communications building in Watoga.

After finding the power armor – if you have a low level of experience – you should approach it, and the parts will be displayed, they should simply be transferred to equipment.

image2 18 1 Fallout 76 - How to get Power Armor

At the beginning of the game, it is best to try to get armor from Arktos Pharma. With him, we can easily deal with any enemy, even with 5-6 experience levels.

We’re taking armor almost forever. And even when we leave it somewhere unattended, the next time we log in, we will find it in the inventory. Of course, you must build a Power Armor station at the base if you want to install upgrades on it.

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