Fallout 76 Item Crafting

sozdanie predmetov Fallout 76 Item Crafting

Crafting is much more important in Fallout 76 than in previous entries in the series. Mainly because we will not meet merchants with an interesting assortment.

Below we explain how to craft items and how to focus on the beginning of the game.

Production workshops

We can build a CAMP base from the very beginning of the game. However, we do not have many resources. In any case, we are building different sites at the base. It:

  • Chef stand. As the name suggests, it allows you to create dishes, cook and process raw meat. An important element of every base.
  • Armory room. Here we create weapons, but we can also repair them. This second feature is even more important because the weapon breaks pretty quickly, unfortunately. This location should be created as soon as possible.
  • Armor workshop. The equivalent of a gunsmith’s workshop, but with regard to armor – here we will create and repair it.
  • DIY workshop. Here we will process various garbage and produce ammunition and gadgets such as mines or grenades.
  • Chemical stand. Here we create energy ammunition, smash some materials (for example, aluminum scrap), and also create drugs.
  • Armor support. Here we improve and repair power armor. It is worth investing money in this only after level 25 of experience.


The most important in crafting are, of course, resources, without which we will not create too many items. Unfortunately, there is no simple recipe for obtaining specific resources.

All resources can be found during exploration. That’s why in Fallout 76 it’s very important to collect everything we find. Pencils, watches, weaker weapons, bottles, toys, crowbars and much, much more that we find in boxes, barrels, tables and shelves in a post-apocalyptic world.

The objects obtained in this way are processed in a DIY workshop or in a shooting workshop. As a result, we get components such as glass, wood, aluminum and so on. We use these items later for crafting.

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