Genshin Impact Combat Guide

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The combat system of Genshin Impact is based on the effective use of various elements. Mastering these techniques, switching to the desired character / element, you create chains of combination attacks that can instantly destroy enemies. We have put together a whole guide on the combat system of the game and how to properly use all of its elements.

Each character in Genshin Impact has their own set of skills that correspond to a certain element, with the exception of the Traveler (the main character). As mentioned in our beginner guide, the traveler will be able to switch between Anemo and Geo spells when interacting with the Statue of Seven in certain regions.

In any case, here is a list of all elements of the game and the characters that use them:

  • Anemo (Wind) – Traveler (starts with Anemo), Jin, Venty, Sucrose, Xiao
  • Geo (Earth) – Traveler (can switch to Geo if he unlocks the Statue of the Seven in the Li Yue region), Noel, Ningguang
  • Pyro (Fire) — Amber, Diluc, Xiang Ling, Bennett, Klee
  • Crio (Ice) – Keia, Cheongyun, Kiki
  • Electro (Lightning) — Lisa, Fischl, Razor, Beidu, Keqing
  • Hydro (Water) — Barbara, Mona, Xingqiu
  • Dendro (Nature) – unknown

At the beginning of the game, four squad members will be available to you (Traveler, Amber, Keia and Lisa), the rest can only be hired if you were lucky enough to get them using Prayers, or purchased with real money.

Elemental effects and combos

Some enemies also have their own elemental affixes or elemental shields, while others can be affected by elemental status when using certain skills or due to changes in the environment.

There are also certain terrain features that can only be activated by a specific element. For example, some switches and containers have an elemental symbol on them, and you need to use skills to activate them. In return, you can get a good reward.

Below we have placed a list of combinations that depend on the status of the element:

OverloadElectro + Pyrofire damage
SuperconductivityElectro + CryoIce damage; lowering the level of protection
FreezeCryo + HydroFreezes the enemy
MeltdownCryo + Pyro2 times more damage when triggered by Pyro; 1.5 times more damage when Cryo is triggered
EvaporationHydro + Pyro2 times more damage when Hydro is triggered; 1.5 times more damage when triggered by Pyro
CombustionPyro + Dendro (i.e. Wood)Dot fire effect; used to burn the wooden shields of enemies
ElectricityElectro + HydroElectrocution of an enemy
VortexAnemo + Pyro, Cryo, Electro and/or HydroDeals additional elemental damage; spreads the element’s effect to other nearby enemies
CrystallizationGeo + Pyro, Cryo, Electro and/or HydroCreates a small crystal that increases resistance to a specific element

Yes, it looks quite complicated, but only one main conclusion can be drawn from all this: it is best to assemble a squad of characters who use different types of elements. This is advantageous because of all the combinations that can be created.


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During the passage, you will often encounter enemies with wooden shields. The burning effect relieves them of such an impromptu defense.


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Try to lure enemies closer to bodies of water or hit small altars. In this case, the opponents will become wet, and you need to switch to someone with a cryo element to freeze the enemy. This is especially useful when fighting large mobs that can deal a lot of damage, as it negates their offensive capabilities.

Note: The cryo element is also useful if you are trying to cross rivers and lakes. Given that swimming reduces a hero’s stamina, you can safely cross bodies of water by simply freezing them.

Overload and superconductivity

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Typically players will use Cryo or Pyro to debuff enemies and then switch to Electro to activate either Overload or Overdrive. AoE damage is the perfect weapon to deal with large groups of enemies.


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If there is a hero in the squad that uses anemo skills, then you can combine all of the above elemental effects, and then use their abilities. This will spread the effect and deal even more damage to enemies. In short, use skills that can cause overload or superconductivity first, and then quickly switch to someone who uses anemo elements.

Since you already know the basics of Genshin Impact’s combat system, it’s time to figure out which characters are best suited for a squad. To do this, we suggest reading our guide to all the heroes, available at the link

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