Grinding Gear Games Showcase More Path of Exile 2 Gameplay

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On April 8th, Grinding Gear Games hosted the Ultimatum League livestream for Path of Exile 1. The stream also showed the new Path of Exile 2 gameplay and revealed some fresh details.

PoE 2 was first announced at ExileCon in 2019, so GGG founder Chris Wilson kicked off the broadcast by talking about why the team has been silent for so long and doesn’t share details. They talked about the scale of the game and the studio’s desire to improve the new campaign, combine it with PoE 1, as well as several major changes to the system, including “Skill Stones”. In other words, they improve a lot.

The video itself demonstrates several completely new moments, such as locations and even weapons: spears and crossbows. The studio also showcased mini-bosses, which will get more attention in Path of Exile 2, and improved animation. Even in the sequel, the enemy “packs” have a more unique AI, they patrol certain areas like soldiers.

Below you can see the gameplay of the novelty presented on the stream:

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